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Monday, 24 January 2011

23.01.11 I Will For Wales and Litter Champions

Some of you may know already that we have just launched a new campaign called "I will for Wales". This encourages people to sign up to a New Year's Resolution that will help care for your local environment and improve the look and feel of your community.

The campaign aims to encourage people to make small lifestyle changes that collectively will have a huge impact on the environment and people's pockets, and will rid Wales of graffiti, chewing gum, discarded plastic bags, dog mess and cigarette butts.

When you sign up, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new Amazon Kindle e-reader!! For more details visit here.

In any case, I signed up and pledged to help take care of my local LNR and also to be a litter champion.
On Saturday, I took a load of my rubber work gloves which were by now pretty stinking to a local(ish) launderette for a service wash in Fairwater, Cwmbran (Map). The litter between the car park and the shops was so shocking that I wondered what other visitors to this small independent shopping arcade must think. I took some photos for my own records.

Very messy

The next day, I was so irked by what I'd seen, I decided to do something about it, even though I didn't live there. I picked up my litterpicker and some bags and set to the site as a newly signed up Keep Wales Tidy Litter Champion. Some of the pictures are shown below.

Before and Afters

Four hours later and the place was transformed. Several people thanked me for my efforts including the local PCSO; I was very pleased. I collected 4 bags of mixed recycling and 2 bags of litter; not bad for a Sunday afternoon's volunteering. So far, the pledge "I Will for Wales" runs true. When you sign up as a litter champion, you get your own litterpicker, gloves, Fairtrade t-shirt, poncho and insurance (just in case) as well as a safety briefing and support from your regional KWT officer.

 Results of my toil.

Full Slideshow

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