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Hi, my name is Chris Partridge and I am Keep Wales Tidy's Tidy Towns Project Officer for Cardiff. Activities we undertake are often in partnership with Cardiff Council's Parks Department (both waste services and Community Park Rangers) and Street Cleansing. We have organised events for several businesses across Cardiff and is happy to accommodate future requests. For more information you can contact Chris on 07717 412 270 or by Email: chris.partridge@keepwalestidy.org You can also follow me on Twitter for upcoming events @CardiffKWT

Saturday, 22 January 2011

21.01.11 Pentwyn Latch Wood Cardiff Friday Mornings Project

Date: 21.01.11
Time: 9.30 - 14.45
Photo Slideshow
The Cardiff Friday Mornings Project had a tough task today. When we arrived, the ground was frozen and this patch of woods was packed full of rubbish. The margins of the wood alongside the north end of Pentwyn Drive were packed full of beer and soft drinks cans and fast food containers.

Slideshow of the event

The woods behind Glyn Eiddew and Marle Close contained larger domestic fly-tipping. One resident said that some fly tipping had just been removed by the council and the first 5 bags we picked up were dumped since then.

Movie of the collected rubbish

Today we had 3 volunteers from LS Healthcare, 3 from Cardiff Rivers Group, Lucy (Tidy Towns Officer from Cardiff CC) and myself. We collected in total 56 bags of rubbish, 2 broken bicycles,2 broken motorised scooters, pink paddling pool, parts of a stripped down car including radiator and a steering block, carpets, 2 traffic cones, green wheelie bin, 3 car batteries, 3 motorbike/scooter batteries, 2 Christmas trees, 1 tree cutting sign, one large highway bollard, child's tricycle, 1 duvet, 3 tyres and a selection of childrens toys.
There is no Cardiff Friday Mornings Project next week as I will be at the St. Mellons forum.

For more information contact Chris Partridge on 07717 412 270 or chris.partridge@keepwalestidy.org

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