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Hi, my name is Chris Partridge and I am Keep Wales Tidy's Tidy Towns Project Officer for Cardiff. Activities we undertake are often in partnership with Cardiff Council's Parks Department (both waste services and Community Park Rangers) and Street Cleansing. We have organised events for several businesses across Cardiff and is happy to accommodate future requests. For more information you can contact Chris on 07717 412 270 or by Email: chris.partridge@keepwalestidy.org You can also follow me on Twitter for upcoming events @CardiffKWT

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

To Bin or not to Bin & Adopting Local Areas.

People often say that there are not enough bins around and it is a serious issue of debate. Some will say if you have rubbish take it home with you and the conscientious will. In Ely recently, there was a complaint that some bins were full, they were being used and weren't being emptied on a regular enough basis while the overflowing litter was being blown about. In Fairwater this week I took a photo of a full bin with a field virtually empty of litter by the leisure centre.

Today however, I saw almost the worst example for a vote for the people who say don't bother putting bins up as some people will just ignore them:

The aim of this walk, however, was to look at the suitability for part of the brook around Roath Park to be adopted by the Cardiff & District Soroptimists. The sun was out and hundreds of people were enjoying Roath Park, there was even a group out litterpicking. However, the brook was stinking with litter. Instead of looking at the grey wagtails and wrens on the various stones emerging from the water, I was drawn towards carrier bags, crisp packets and drinks cans. The Parks Department are in agreement that the group can proceed subject to liability insurance (available to groups through Keep Wales Tiday) and correct training. Hopefully they will be able to make significant impacts on the visual quality and habitats of this area. Watch this space for updates.

Is there somewhere in your area that you'd like to help take care of, give me a call on 07717 412 270 or chris.partridge@keepwalestidy.org.

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